Ben Lodemann


Ben Lodemann

active maritime Senior Pilot, from 2013 to 2023 Eldermen (Chairman) of the brotherhood of Elbe Pilots

Activities in maritime consulting

manoeuvertraining for any kind of vessels

training and education in traditional seefaring and square riggers



    Master mariner unlimited (STCW managment level)

Mater of paedagogic

 Ships mechanic

Activities :   

Worldwide sailing from cadet to Captain on Cargo-, passenger-, and sailingvessels

   Riggbuilding on traditional rigges square riggersr, e.g. Cisne Branco or Gorch Fock, Rickmer Rickmers & Peking

Leading and commanding Square rigged vessels, e.g. STS Roald Amundsen, Eye of the wind



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