Family Lodemann


This is the website of family Lodemann in Hetlingen

We do not intend to open ourselves to the net but in times of Facebook, Twitter & co. we intend to have at least a little control of what pops up if you google the name „Lodemann“ in the net.

At least what concerns this family - and, we would like to be able to remove contents without needing to fight :-)

We aknowledge, that our names pop up in other contents, written by other persons - but this site here gives us the chance to post what we think might be of information

You may reach the familymembers via the link to the right side of the site.

The Mailadresses are postet without a link and the „@“ in order to avoid spam of any search agents

info (at)

is the postbox for all of us

Have fun reading and send us your comments

Hetlingen, July 2013


Family Lodemann,

in Hetlingen we are:

Bo Lodemann

Leon Lodemann

Vicky Lodemann

Ben Lodemann